How to download paid iOS apps for free on iPhone and iPad without jailbreak

iPad  and iphone are quite costly but there can be some ways that will let you know how to download paid  iOS apps for free without jailbreak. If you want to access the roots of the iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad then, it cannot be done easily. There is a no need to jailbreak your iPhone as it may vanish your warranty period. It can also cause harm to your mobile phones .

download paid iOS apps for free

Now a days, developers are following a policy of price drop promotions to increase  the visibility of their apps. AppZapp app is specially designed to offer the details of the apps which are currently on sale or are free. Filtering of the apps according to your interest or your device can  be possible. It also shows ratings of the every app, so that we are able to know that is it even worth downloading the app or not?

Download paid iOS apps for free without jailbreak

Every week apple choose an app to declare  it as app of the week.  If we purchase the same app without promotion it will cost around one or two pounds. So, keep an eye on the iOS apple store to see what’s on offer and be its part. Also,Starbucks organised a promotion every week that offers free download on iTunes. All you need to do is visit Starbucks on every Tuesday. Then,Pick up a week card from counter. The card u have chosen contains a code on its back. Now, just enter the respective code on iTunes and start enjoying music ,apps,games,books for free. Alternatively, you can use the Starbucks iOS app and can connect it to Starbucks WIFI to get the current pic of the week.

There is a another term called Cracked apps that  also allows you to download the apps without jail breaking it. It hacks the app themselves instead of hacking  the iOS and make them available for free download.There are many sources to find the cracked apps like , iPhonecake , jail break oriented -cydia and many others. Alike everything has its pros and cons. Usage of cracked apps also have a disadvantage that using of cracked apps to get paid apps for free can be considered illegal. Also, it is difficult to find the cracked apps so always double check your apps  to ensure that your phone is working. There may be a possibility that the cracked apps contains a malware.Now u can download paid iOS apps for free.

How to get paid apps for free on android

You may also use the general third party app store, it collects and duplicates apps to download them for free. But they differ from above mentioned cracked apps , they are usually foreign sites and requires downloading. They are also specialize in apps that do not require jail breaking. But it is difficult to navigate the foreign sites.  It is also not sure that app will work or not. Thus , quality is a mixed bag.


  1. Open this link  in your safari browser only
  2. Download the Regular/Free version to install tutu app on your iPhone.
  3. Now, open this page and tap on the Green button that contains “Download Now.
  4.  Tap on the “Install” it will install the tutu app on your iPhone or iPad.
  5. Once the install is finished, Open Settings >> General >> Profiles & Device Management and find the profile of tutu app developer.
  6.  Tap on the tutu app developer profile and it will contain two options either  to trust or cancel this profile, so tap on “Trust”.
  7. Go back to your home screen and open the tutu app and  download the  paid iOS 10 apps for free without jailbreak.
  8. By this way u can download paid iOS apps for free.


Hope this article have helped you to get paid apps free of cost. Share this article with others too to help them in downloading paid apps . If you are having any query comment below .

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